How do I set set a startpage as my default?

updated 15th September, 2020

I'm using Chrome

Read up on the docs here:

I'm using Firefox

In Firefox you can set your homepage and new window page:

But this will not open a new tab with your selected page. Unfortunately a extension is needed to set this functionality.

I recommend using either of these 2 extensions:

Custom New Tab Page

Newer extension which leaves the URL bar empty.

There's a caveat mentioned:

Links on the site you choose will open in the iframe (issue #1). If you control the site add target="_top" to the links to make them open in the top frame.

I have injected <base target="_top"> into each start page hosted here which should solve this problem.

New Tab Override

Older extension which mostly works but unfocuses the URL bar so you'll have to select it before typing.